Thursday, 9 May 2013

No racing tonight, but a very pleasant alternative

It's gusting to 40 knots in the harbour tonight so I didn't go down for the evening race at TISC, it was sure to be cancelled.  But with a dog to be exercised, and a lack of rain, I decided that tonight would be the first fishing trip of the year.

When we have been sailing over the last week, there have been a lot of terns in the harbour feeding on small fry in the margins and channels.  Where there are feeding birds, there are also likely to be predatory fish underneath. Also, with the rise in water temperature the crabs are moulting their winter shells in preparation for growth in spring and summer - fish love a peeler crab.  Usually all of this activity seems to happen in early April, but this year has been cold and so we have a later start.

Bass are the fish that come into the harbour for both crab and fry, and usually the larger bass can be found early in the season.  So I thought I'd spend a quiet hour seeing whether there were any about.

To cut a long story short, several nibbles and one good take that resulted in a landed fish.

Cook is on steroids at the moment for an itchy skin complaint, and they make him ravenously hungry.  I know that look on his face, its a "it looks edible and I think I can eat it, but will I get told off?" look.  Yes you will get told off Cook, paws off.

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