Sunday, 23 June 2013

Windy Junior Training at Slipper

Today the older Juniors took to the water for some training in a testing force 6.  Some of the adults were out racing and clearly finding the conditions a challenge, I noticed the legend that is training-partner-Claire coming back with a liberal coating of Sweare Deep mud at the top of her 4.7 rig!

Anyway, here is a little vid of the juniors ripping it up in the Little Deep area. 


Some highlights:

- Note how controlled Josiah and Finley are in the Teras, whilst beam reaching to the training area.  Nice flat boats and good technique. 
- The Toppers can be a real handful in the stronger winds, and they are difficult to tack in the choppy waters.  But Finley, Amber and Jessica did fantastically well, and at times were outrunning the ribs!
- The Feva is being sailed nice and flat, those guys are hiking to the max.  No lack of effort in that boat, going nicely quick.
- Lots of capsizes, but that's to be expected when sailing in such testing conditions. 

Well done to all those who went out, and thanks to Jemma-the-cameragirl today.  Hopefully we'll get more footage of the other sailors next week!

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