Friday, 19 July 2013

The 10 month itch

So not many posts from me recently, for some reason after 10 months of solid posting I appear to have lost my blogging mojo.  Certainly there has been lots of sailing:

- The Slipper Junior Regatta.  95 children on the water, 60 adults helping, 25 children in their first ever race. 
- Lots of club racing, mini-series, handicap racing
- Another visit to TSC, racing in F1 in 4 knots of tide (not my finest race!)
- Lots of training

But I have lost the motivation to blog, and not quite sure why.  So maybe I'll take a few months off and see if the appetite to blog returns.

I wonder if other bloggers have similar dips in motivation, I'm sure Tillerman can provide perspective on the issue!

1 comment:

  1. Sure. The motivation to blog comes and goes. I have stopped for a few weeks on several occasions, and some of those times I was thinking I probably wouldn't start blogging again. Always have come back to it so far.

    Do whatever feels right for you. Thanks for the blog posts so far. Hope to hear from you again one day.