Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Time to get back on the horse

So it is Hare and Hounds time again at the club, given that this blog started with the H&H last year I thought I'd maybe revive it for the racing this year.  But first a summary of the last 4 months.  Since my last post, I have:

1.  Been beaten into submission by the water state (and better sailors) at Stokes Bay for the 300 nationals.  Nearly sold the boat.  Dave Acres sailed an excellent series to win the nationals, great for our local fleet.
2.  Been beaten into submission by the shifty lake conditions (and better sailors) at the RS End Of Season championships.
3.  Been beaten into submission by Vicky Gould for considering a Streaker as a second boat (something I might still do).
4.  Taken up mountain biking, great sport, but there are too many here that are too good at the downhill.
5.  Been windsurfing a lot.  It has been properly windy over the past couple of months.

But on the whole an excellent summer and a good start to the autumn.  3rd race in the H&H series on Saturday, I might post a runners and riders post before that.

Finally, is that Andy Gould I spy in a new 300?  A welcome addition to the fleet.  Book your seats on the millpond wall for the first f5/6 SW.

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  1. Welcome back. I was wondering what happened to you.