Monday, 2 December 2013

More light wind Hare and Hounds

Yet another light wind for the latest in our Hare and Hound series, and again a Northerly offshore fickle affair.  I thought the 09:45 start time would put some off, but we still had a turnout of 32 which is not at all bad for an early Sunday morning.

My race didn't start well.  I got the tide time mixed up with the race start time, and consequently rocked up at the club with 20 minutes to the start, unrigged and unchanged.  After Claire and Matt had stopped laughing, they were very helpful in sorting out my boat whilst I got changed, and I made it to the start line with plenty to spare.  The first start was recalled, and so I had time to settle down before the off.

In terms of the racing, it was a day for the assymetrics.  Lots of offwind kite work in light breeze, we waved good bye at the start and I got close to the lead boats again.

Some good performances this week:

- Dave Cooper and Ed Parker-Jervis make a superb start in their ISO, punch clear of the fleet, and never look back.  3rd overall, an excellent result.

- Matt and Claire also make the best of the start and just managed to keep their noses in front and wind clear.  Another race win for their 400, again by a good margin.  Phantom is now buried in TISC dinghy park for good I think.

- HMS Stratos places second, with Capt Excell at the wheel and First Mate Goldfarb sweating the sheets.  And that's with full rations and rum piped on board before the start (the livestock was left dockside, this wasn't a down harbour race).  Excellent result.

- The 200s place well.  Paul and Caroline take 4th, but a special mention to Jonny and Barbara in their new 200, 5th place, and just 9 seconds behind the Fisks. 

- In a mirror image of last weeks race, we have an ISO OCS, this time on a black flag.  Shrieks of jubilation could be heard from the race box, which contained the recipients of the last ISO OCS (shrieks could not really be heard, I'm making that up (mostly)).  Not good news for Andy and Jamie, but they sailed the course anyway and looked to have great boat speed.

My race was OK, 6th overall.  Started at the most congested end of the line, reasonable start, but rolled by a number of assymetrics upwind.  Would have been better starting mid line with clearer wind, but the objective is to practice congested starts.  Felt quick enough around the course, it just wasn't the course or conditions for single sailed single handers I think.  Enjoyed it though, and wasn't too physical so managed to get out biking with Lillywhite later in the day.

Some good results for slipper this week, with five boats in the first six places.  Hopefully Dinghy-Secretary-Claire will be less stroppy about my going to the 300 Winter Championships this coming weekend!

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