Friday, 8 February 2013

Another cheeky Friday morning sail

08:30 starts aren't the most popular down at TISC.  The guards at the checkpoint to the island raised an eyebrow when I signed into the sailing club, and I had to remove ice from pools on my cover.  Claire was taking no chances, and turned up with enough layers to clothe a family of four.  That said, I look at some of the sailing blogs written in the US, and those guys are sailing in subzero temperatures for months.  So nothing to complain about here. 

In fact the opposite - a beautiful day, sunny, a F2-4 NW, and no other boats on the water other than a Moth sailing out of HISC and a trawler working the Sandy Point channel.  We launched and made our way down the channel to East Head, and spent an hour or so playing in the chop in the channel.  No training objectives, just a lovely day on the water.

Claire was trying to make up for her rather unkind 'cack handed' comments from our previous sailing session.  "Those look like excellent gybes", she said, and "Doesn't the 300 look so much more elegant than that rather brash Moth over there" (she didn't really say that, but we were both thinking it).  Anyway it was nice to hear some encouragement from my newly-reinstated-but-still-on-probation-training-partner.

No Steve Cockerill today, he is dealing with snow in Japanese airports and purchase orders, and knows that I'll give him a pasting in the lighter winds ;-).


  1. Hey, we may be sailing in subzero temperatures in New England but I, for one, wear enough clothes to make sure I'm not cold. I'm really enjoying reading of your training sessions with Claire, especially as I have a vague idea of your sailing area having sailed out of HISC for a regatta in 2010 and visited Emsworth on that trip too.

    Stay warm!

  2. Ahoy Tillerman, it was indeed your blog that I was referencing. All of your races appear to involve frost, ice, snow, or some combination thereof, and as a result I always feel slightly ashamed to be complaining about our relatively warm weather and water.

    If you ever visit Emsworth drop me a line, I'm sure we could find you Laser for one of our local races (or perhaps tempt you with a 300?)

  3. Thanks Mark. We don't have ice and snow all year round you know.