Monday, 4 February 2013

Cack handed backwards facing tacks

It all looked a little OTT on Sunday morning, Cambermet was showing 22-28 knots and after two days of sailing I thought we would end up having a rest day.  However, at 14:00 the wind died and Claire dropped a text asking if I fancied a sail at TISC.  Truth be told, I wasn't terribly keen but Claire's enthusiasm was such that I felt duty bound to get down to the club for a 1430 start!

Conditions could not have been more different from the previous day - f2/3 WSW, and no chop at all.  The wind was offshore at the club, we launched and made our way round to the Itchenor channel.  Lots of tide, must have been 2+ knts running in the main channel.

My objectives for the day: (i) try the backwards facing tacking some more, (ii) 360/720s, and (iii) see what difference mainsheet tension makes in a f2. 

I thought I was doing OK on the backwards tacking front, but when we came in ex-training-partner-Claire give an independent assessment of my technique - "It just looks really cack-handed" she said, devaluing my progress in a single short sentence.  Sniff.

I'm in two minds about tacking facing backwards.  On the one hand (or mind) the boat feels smoother and seems to keep more momentum through the turn.  On the other, if I look at foot placement, my feet stay further forward if I tack facing forward, does this not mean that my weight is further forward ?

While we are about the video, check this out from the windy session on Saturday.  Starting to get the hang of gybes and round ups in stronger wind (it doesn't look very windy on the video, but believe me it was!).  Please turn the audio off, I can't work out how to get rid of the exuberant "come on" after the second gybe, and it is an uncomfortable contrast to my usual self-deprecating demeanor.

Steve had a look at the gybing video, and was making positive noises for the first few seconds but then started harrumphing at the second half of the gybes.  More work needed apparently!

If the weather isn't too grim, I may be out on Friday/Saturday if anyone fancies it.

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