Monday, 1 April 2013

300 Log : 1st April

Date: 1st April
Venue : ESC
Race : Handicap race
Tide : 45 after the start
Conditions : ENE f4-6, flat-ish water
Result : Probably 1st of 10ish boats

- Good start.  Kept on with the theme of getting in the mix at the favoured end and happily managed to win it today.  I really like the whole port tack approach, but should probably start to practice longer approaches on starboard I find them far more difficult to judge.
- Generally good speed about the course, but it was a course that certainly favoured the 300.
- Blistering run, fully planing by-the-lee and really gunning it.  But also in control (after getting the bear away sorted).  Managed some good transitions between BTL and broad reach, and felt as if I was controlling the boat rather than vice versa.  Very pleased to see the practice paying at least some dividends.
- Wind was very gusty and shifty - thought I was doing OK with the up-in-the-lulls down-in-the-gusts stuff.
- Nailed one gybe in a particularly harsh gust.  Not the cleanest exit, but safe.  Pleased that I didn't take the wearing-round option, although I did consider it.  Demonstrates a little fortitude and confidence.

Points for reflection:
- The boat is so much easier to handle in flat water.  So I think I'm going to practice a lot at Thorney this year, much more difficult conditions (at least so far this year).
- Sailed with lots of vang all round the course today, letting 1/3 to 1/2 off for dead downwind.  Rig felt great.
- Poor tactical decision after rounding Northney, should and tacked and taken the long tack!

But another Good Race, and a great end to the Easter weekend!

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