Sunday, 7 April 2013

Process goals

I recently posted an article on the Rooster website about the psychology of sailing, and the benefits of setting process goals.  I've had a couple of emails on the subject since, and it seems that the literature is strong on theory but short on examples.  So I thought I'd post up my analysis/goals in the hope that it may be of use to others who are thinking about undergoing a similar exercise.
So here is my analysis of my sailing, the elements in red are the ones that I think are lacking and need work as a priority, orange is 'needs work but a second priority', and green is OK.


And here are the goals that I've set, based on the above:

Fitness I've handled in a single diagram:

So lots of work to do, it is a never ending feast of training and racing.  Thank goodness Spring is here at last. 


  1. YAYOG = You are your own gym. Its a a structured set of exercises where you use your own body weight instead of free weights - I'm not a big fan of gyms, this lets me get some of the benefits at home. The exercises look innocuous but always leave me feeling as if an hour on the hiking bench would have been preferable!

  2. Should have said, you can get an app for yayog on your iphone/ipad, which means you can focus on the exercises rather than books and spreadsheets!