Sunday, 4 November 2012

300 Race Log - 3rd November

Date: 20th October

Venue : ESSC
Race : Handicap race, 45 minutes
Conditions: W F3-5
Tide : 30 minutes after start
Result :  2nd of 40ish boats.  1st 300 of 4.

- Good start.  Everyone seemed to be favouring the start hut end of the line, I wasn't so sure as (i) it meant sailing through more tide, (ii) the sailing angle to Wickor was virtually identical and (iii) of the 20 boats trying for that end, only 3-4 would get a decent start.  Decided to start mid line in space, and managed to get away in clean air and a couple of boat lengths in front of Mike and Dean.  Set the basis for the rest of the race.
- Reasonable reaching speed.  Hugh and I were the first two boats off the beach and had a quick look up the channel to Wickor.  I was hiking to the max with loads of kicker, Hugh had little kicker on, was more powered and going faster.  After the start it was only a question of time before I got rolled, but pleased to hold off the faster boats until beyond Fowley.  Good for confidence too.
- Good upwind work.  Again the use of the compass got me through Hugh on the final upwind leg, there was a huge header on rounding Shepherd, I was the first to tack.
- Pleased with the result given that f5 is not my optimal conditions.
- No dicey moments (nothing close)

Points for reflection:
- Started the race in strong wind you-must-survive-this-without-capsizing mode, and found it difficult to shake off once the wind died.  For example, offwind I was too far back in the boat and being too conservative with kicker and sheeting angles.  That said, didn't feel too slow.
- Could have been more proactive in rig setup as the wind continually changed.  Must graduate the boat to make this easier (theres only three controls!)

But all in all a good race.

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