Sunday, 4 November 2012

The wind that never was

So we are all looking at Chimet and Cambermet on Saturday morning, seeing a f5-7 westerly.  By 12:00 it had died to a f5-6, and to a f5 by the start of the H&H5 race.  The course set by race officer Andy Gould and team involved a close reach to Wickor, several upwind/downwinds to NEH and then back to the club on a broad reach from Northney.  The wind died from about 10 minutes into the race, moderating to a f3-4.

The start was a relatively orderly affair compared to recent races, I think the wind direction and course probably help even up the line a bit.  Three boats were identified as OCS and two re-started - unfortunately the Stratos of John Excell and Simon Robinson was OCS and didn't return.

Four boats got away on the reach to Wickor - my 300, Hugh Kennedy in his 300, Mike and Dean in the ISO and Martin and Claire in their 4000.  I'd managed to sneak out a couple of boat lengths off the start and  thought I was going to be able to hold off to Wickor but it was not to be, Mike and Dean were the first to roll me, quickly followed by Hugh!

Huge shifts on the upwind/downwind legs gave big gains to those of get them right, although with such short beats it was difficult to get into a grove.  The wind died towards the end of the race, favouring the asymmetrics on the final leg (one of the rare occasions in the 300 where I have been genuinely praying for significantly more wind!)

Some standout results :

- Mike and Dean show that a good partnership is easy to rekindle and take the win by a good margin.

- Great to see Roy Sievers representing TISC in his 300, just pipping Hugh by a second to take 5th place
- Tim and Mel place first 400.  We had really close racing for the majority of the race, never try and get your nose between Tim and a mark (I tried twice and had to bail!!).
- In a battle royale in the Laser 4.7 fleet, Cath Mant just pips Helen Weekes by a second. You can't beat class racing, that must have been close all the way round!

Noel Coussens took some photos from the patrol boat, you can see them here ->[user]=113631845&filters[recent]=1&filters[publicOnly]=1&sort=1&o=0

I was summoned to the Bosun's house on Sunday, and so didn't get to race.  I do note that 300s head the results sheet, and applaud my class brethren for their results.  Hopefully I'll get someone to give a report from the race, if you took part why not email me one ?

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