Monday, 5 November 2012

Guest Contribution : Hugh Kennedy muses on H&H6, after giving the ISOs a pasting on handicap

Another guest contribution from Rear Commodore Sailing Hugh Kennedy, who placed 2nd in the H&H6 race on Sunday.   I'm surprised by the reference to 300 banditry, this will not go down well with his 300 brethren!

"I was not expecting to race this Sunday. Earlier in the morning the wind had been gusting in the F9’s and was still gusting 7 when we all congregated at the Slipper. Fortunately Bramblemet was registering a F5 so the predicted moderation in the breeze was confirmed and the race was on!

By the start the wind had died to a F4 to F5 North West and with the race starting in a southerly direction to Wickor this was ideal RS300 bandit racing conditions! Taking my single white sail and ample bulk into account I reckoned a far end start was a no-brainer leaving the asymmetric’s to fight it out at the other end and providing me with a lot of clear air. My predictions don’t always work but on this occasion a better start could not have been had. At one point on the first leg Andy and Dean did get intimidatingly close but a convenient gust blew them away, forcing them to drop their kite and drop back. I was first round Wickor followed by Dr Roy a few boat lengths behind.

Apart from not knowing which way the next mark was to be rounded the following leg went well, only conceding a place to Andy and Dean which fortunately sorted out my rounding problem. My rounding was not smooth, almost falling in, Mike and Emma took advantage and slipped through. Dr Roy also gained from my rounding mistake and the fact that I started heading for the wrong mark! This was quickly corrected and managed to hold my position all the way to the final short beat to Swear Deep. The now lighter winds did not help my boat speed – I am still not sure if this perpetual problem is due to me being 2-3 stone heavier than anybody else or psychological – I suspect both!

Anyway  Andy and Dean crossed the line first, followed by Mike and Emma then closely pursued by Dr Roy with me a few seconds behind!

Hugh -RS300 510

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