Sunday, 25 November 2012

Start sequence video from H&H7

Julian Mandiwall and his race team were in the start hut for the H&H7 race. I was slightly concerned that we would have a number of recalled starts with a fleet of 50 boats, until I saw the video camera that was set up on the shore. Word of the camera spread through the fleet like wildfire, and a very orderly start was the result.  The video repeats the start, so if the second half looks familiar that's why.

A couple of points of interest:
- Lots of the boats starting at the 'hut' end of the line could have had an interesting encounter with the transit post, only the goodwill of the sailors below prevented some luffing and damage.  There is no water at a starting mark.
- Note the acres of space further down the line. All those that started further down had clear wind a pulled away from the main fleet.
- If you turn the volume up you can hear John Fifield ensuring that the rest of the fleet are clear on his rights, and the consequence of infringing them

Sarah and Barnaby Thorsby led me astray at the club prize giving last night with a drink known as a Jagerbomb (although Wikipedia tells me we were actually drinking a variant known as a 'TurboJager').   I'm off for an afternoon nap.

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