Sunday, 9 December 2012

Chris loves it when I bring sailing stuff in the house

The problem with cold weather is that epoxy is too viscous to mix and takes too long to cure.  The minimum working temperature is 15 degrees or so, and its 5 outside at the moment.  But I'm worried about the point loading that the vang puts on the 300 mast, and need to make a protector for the carbon, and can't wait till April. 

So creative ways have to be found to get curing epoxy to a warm environment, in this case involving the catflap in the back door.  The long suffering Chris loves it when I bring sailing stuff into the house, this arrangement didn't take any negotiation at all.  The dog isn't too happy either, he likes to use the catflap to ensure there is no shenanigans going on the back garden.

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