Monday, 3 December 2012

The very last 300 video

That's it now, this is the last one, no exceptions.  Unless someone wants to have the setup mounted to their boat for the next H&H, and share the findings with the class ?

This is the footage from the H&H10 race yesterday, from the first mark at Wickor (I could sense Andrew Gould getting all frothy about sharing 'his starting secrets', and so picked a section from the middle of the race ;-) ).

So here is my analysis:
1.  The boat is not flat, and that's slow.  It is very cramped at the front of the cockpit by the mast, and the natural inclination is to let the boat heel to leeward to make a bit of space for the upper body.  Not fast! 
2.  Boat handling is at best mixed.
3.  Did I mention about the boat not being flat.

No prizes for what I'm going to be practising over the next couple of weeks (possibly at TISC next weekend if anyone fancies it).

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