Sunday, 2 December 2012

More 300 video

In the end I ended up dropping Steve Cockerill a note with the previous videos, he is going to critique them and I'll post the results when he does.  If I like them.  But one thing he did suggest was mounting the camera in such a way as to get some horizon in the shot, something that I tried in the H&H9 race.

So good reasons to mount the camera on the bow with a view back:
- Much easier to see whether the boat is flat, and analyse boat handling
- Surprising easy to see the different vang/downhaul settings (I've bought the graduation strips yet to mount them), and their effect on speed/handling
- Can see Matt Johnston spitting feathers in his 400 about the 300 handicap

Reasons not to mount a camera on the bow:
- I look like a complete div, my tongue appears to have a life of its own
- Double chins are accentuated
- I appear to be taking an aspect of my grandmother (not a good thing)
- Can't see rudder movement

Anyway here is the video from Saturday starting about 1 minute from the gun (couldn't pick the gun out).

My lessons from the video:
1.  The boat isn't flat for the first minute or so after the start. 
2.  Tweaks to the vang really do make a difference to control, and its better to tweak earlier rather than later.
3.  At one point (not on the Youtube clip) I forgot to cleat the outhaul downwind and rounded to a beat on max outhaul - boat speed down by 2 knots.  So the boat is more sensitive to outhaul than I thought.
4.  Sailing for target speed when required (as opposed to pointing all the time) seems to work - less variance from max speed upwind as compared to the previous week.

This is probably the last 300 video, Chris has said that there is no more processing of files on her Laptop and I need to buy another!  Plus, it gets a bit samey after a while.

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  1. Mark, great footage, and much more interesting than from the rear end. Andy