Saturday, 15 December 2012

Yet another photo from H&H11

This time from the start hut, at the gun.  Note the race winners giving themselves a mountain to climb (I presume slightly early?)

Otherwise very orderly.  Can all these photo be preventing the fleet from pushing the line so much ? Or was it the 5.0m tide keeping everyone back ?

Dave Valentine also provides the following from the race box

" An interesting course - yes and exactly what the race team - Stuart, Mary, Me and Toby aka Hooter Boy, were looking for!  After much discussion, between the proposed J, the RO was looking at India, which would give some extra distance though in the winds, doable, taking on the Marker loop. And as planned, if the wind did live up to forecast, then we could shorten at Sweare Deep.

Informing the PB's, we were also advised that Marker may not be there ! Back to the drawing board.
So we ran through a few other courses on the maps, and were looking for a race that could challenge all, and enable others to keep up with the asy's and pesky's. So L was selected and approved by all in the hut. With the added benefit that we could shorten if necessary as they came back through the Line - sorry to those that missed that bit on the course cards and passed the ODM on a different side. We did try to get the patrols to you, and one did, when they had to go and check on some looking at their hulls closely.

Anyway, race underway, good clean start - yes we were prepped.  The Fireball showed a new method of starting giving themselves an extra challenge of facing the wrong way at the gun though still making up for it at the finish! Nice! Watch out for the start gun photo !!

The added bonus of the course was that it gave the Race Hut some real spectator sailing - and boy did we get it ! A couple of boats showing how to throw their boats around and get them up again, some time and time again - there's practising and there's practising !!??

The downhill run with the wind almost behind gave some great photo shots - Mr Tyler should have some good ones ! and certainly challenging a few - moored boats for example, with several taking the clean run towards the Ems shore to stay clear, others choosing to mix it with the yotties. Lasers just straight through - though we must have had too many light and ultra light days as several were giving up half way round. Too windy said some (really ?!), boat broke before helm said others, round 1 was great then tiring etc etc

So thanks for the spectacle, the race hut was a buzz of noise and enjoyment (no laughter at any swimmers - honest guv!) - just ask Mary how excited she got about the event !!

More practice needed in higher winds we think, and good to see some positions change throughout the fleet. Well done all who got a clear round ! and well done to those who went swimming"

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