Sunday, 10 March 2013

300 Log : Chiller 5

Date: 10th March
Venue : TISC
Race : 50 minute handicap
Tide : 30 mins after the start
Conditions : ENE f4-5, well defined chop
Result : 3rd of 11 boats

Better race today.  I've been on antibiotics for the past few days, and wondered whether sailing was a good idea or not - turns out it was, I put it down to the rejuvenating sea air.

- Good downwind start, second off the line, overhauled Bryan quite quickly and settled into clear wind for the full leg.
- Good downwind legs.  In particular:
    - 150m of full on planing by-the-lee between Rockwood and Sandhead.
    - A near capsize to leeward saved by some strong rudder to head up.  Lost 10 seconds as a result (it takes time to get back up to speed and head down again) but better than 2 minutes on a capsize.
    - No dramas on the leg from Snowhill to Stocker.  First time thats happened for a while.
- Reasonable speed upwind, although I have to say that I was a little jaded and couldn't give it 100%.
- I replaced the toestraps on the boat yesterday, and one of the vang cleats.  Having perfectly orientated toestraps makes a huge difference, you can bang weight out on the new tack without faffing round looking for straps.

Points for reflection:
- One dodgy moment running.  I defaulted back to the steer-it-under-the-mast technique when heeled to leeward, and shoved the whole of the front of the boat under the water.  Far better would have been to accept a 10 second penalty and head up.
- Not a great gybe at Snowhill

All in all a good race.  I don't expect to beat ISOs and 400s in those conditions, so pleased with the results, love of sailing moves up to 6.5/10.  No more Chillers for me, the 300 Winter Championships are on the 23/24 March, I shall be dipping a toe in the waters of class racing.

There was talk of personalised handicaps at the club today, if I get time in the week I plan to develop some and publish here, based on the H&H and Chiller series.  So check back in if you are interested.

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