Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Some corrections from Sundays racing

Emma P had a birthday on Monday, so we went for a curry in Westbourne (not just Emma and I, there were lots of others).  Training-partner-Claire was there and had made good progress through a bottle of wine by 20:00, and in slurred speech described my race report as 'riddled with inaccuracies'.  She demanded that I print some updates to the analysis of Sundays race, and when in that state is not one to be messed with.  So some corrections/additions as follows:

- Claire was the first Laser on corrected time, beating the other Lasers by over a minute.  So we can conclude that all the practice must be paying dividends, thats a great result especially given that the 4.7 was punching against the tide for longer than the rest of the Laser fleet.
- Matt and Gael did not give the rest of the fleet a pasting, despite being in the lead for the majority of the race.  Mike and Emma had a storming final leg, and edged the win on corrected time.  Those new ISO sails are awesome, I do wonder if they could plane upwind?

On a completed separate note, I've just published an entry to the Rooster Blog on the psychology of sailing.  I'm fully expecting grief from the fleet at the RNLI pursuit race on Friday.

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