Sunday, 10 March 2013

Another chilly Chiller

The penultimate race in the TISC Chiller series today.  Yesterday we had 10 degrees of warmth and a light breeze, today we had 4 degrees and a reasonable ENE breeze :

Our race started at 10:00, so we had 15-19 knots (f4-5, Cambermet is in the middle of the race course, so a good indicator of actual wind).  One key difference to recent outings in the harbour is that the water state was much calmer - the chop was reasonably well defined and no 'interference pattern' discernable.

We had 12ish boats on the water, and some good performances:

- Mike and Emma had a great race in their ISO, despite giving the fleet a 2 minute head start from the start line (a problem with the spinnaker and missed all the flags).  Their new set of Rooster sails looked really good, especially on the two sail reaches which are not the forte of the boat.  I predict a 2nd place, and well deserved.  Emma looked slightly tired at the end of the race, downwing sailing in chop is hard work for the crew,  esecially on the legs.

- Tim Weedon was out in the RS100 8.4.  Off the start, the reach was too fine for Tim to fly his kite, and he dropped slightly behind.  The second leg was a dead run, and Tim was flying downwind, must have taken 500m+ out of me in my 300.  The 100 looks great fun. I'm off to Minorca in May, hopefully I'll get the chance to try one there.

- Matt (despite being dismissed from the circle of trust) and Gael showed a clean pair of heels and led the race in their 400 until the final 100m or so when they were overhauled by Mike and Emma. 

- Ex-training-partner Claire and Helen looked in fine form in their Laser 4.7s.  The problem with a slower boat is that you end up hiking for longer in a race - those ladies have thighs of steel.

- Great to see the usual suspects in the Laser fleet.  Bryan had a grand start and was first off the line, but fleet stalwarts John and Patrick looked to have put in competitive performances.

Many thanks to RO Dave and those in the patrol boats, without volunteers none of our racing would take place.

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