Saturday, 30 March 2013

300 Race Log: RNLI Pursuit Race

Date: 29th March
Venue : ESC
Race : 1.5hr pursuit race
Tide : 30 mins after the start
Conditions : ENE f4-5, some small chop but mostly flat water 
Result : 2nd of 12ish boats, 2nd 300 of 2

- Good offwind speed, certainly taking boat lengths out of Dave when running.
- Very pleased with stability when running, sailing angles.  Managed a 200m planing by-the-lee leg, which was exciting.
- Pleased with overall result.

Points for reflection:
- Average start.  Started under Dave with my nose in front, and managed to get ahead by 1m or so by the windard mark.  But it was a starboard rounding so all for nought!  Should have been more aggressive on the startline to keep the inside berth.
- Didn't feel fast upwind.  Think I was trying to pinch too much, and maybe not focussed on windward heel and changing gear for the gusts/lulls.  Didn't lose huge amounts to other boats, but felt slow anyway.  Will concentrate on this over the weekend.
- Felt fast on reaches, but not as fast as Dave.  I've decided not to worry about this, Dave has 20kg-ish on me and can set up a much more powerful rig on the reaches. 
- Some dodgy gybes.  Dropped the mainsheet twice, which is always Not Good.  I may try some stickier gloves in the summer.
- Didn't feel I got the most out of the compass today, big shifts but no discernible pattern (to me at least).

Overall, I would say this was a Good Race.  Dave came 2nd in the 300 nationals last year, and is an excellent benchmark for progress.  Given the windstrength, to finish within 40 secs is fine, and is indicative of improvement. 

More of the same today, where are the rest of you ESC/Slipper sailors?

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