Saturday, 30 March 2013

300 Race Log : 30th March

Date: 30th March
Venue : ESC
Race : 50 minute handicap
Tide : 30 mins after the start
Conditions : NE f3-5, some wind-over-tide chop but nothing significant
Result : 2nd of 15 boats

- My strategy at the startline is usually to let others fight for the prime position, and start a quarter of the way down from the favoured end.  Not so this season, I've decided to try and improve starting by being closer to the favoured end, preferably in prime position.  If I cock up a race or two as a result, so be it.  Todays start was mixed.  I approached on port with 30 secs to go, and tacked in front of the assembled fleet.  Andy and Vicky got under me just before the gun and sailed through my dirty air which was impressive.  But I'm happy with the new approach.
- OK speed on all points of sailing, and good compass work upwind.  Again really pleased with speed dead downwind, managed some more planing by-the-lee today which is always heartening. 
- Good gybes today, no dropping of sheet yay.
- Pleased to be able to find patches of wind downwind, head is starting to get more out of the boat.

Points for reflection:
- Shouldn't have let Andy get under me on the start.  But theres always next time.
- Going to have to practice the 'changing gears' thing in the next practice session.  Far to passive and reactive, and its not good for boat speed.

But all in all another Good Race, most enjoyable.  More of the same tomorrow!

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