Monday, 18 March 2013

A welcome break from the norm

Completely different day on the water on Sunday.  After the somewhat terrifying 28 knot experience on Saturday, Sunday would not have been more of a contrast - we started in very light winds which built to a steady NW f2.

The moderated conditions bought out some more sailors in the club.  Claire and I were joining by two other lasers - Brian in his full rig and Sarah might-be-coming-to-Minorca-but-not-quite-decided in her 4.7.  There was initially some talk about sailing round to Emsworth to say hello to the Safety Boat course being run, but given the light conditions we elected to stay in the Thorney channel and mess around.  Lots of boat handling, especially tacking, gybing and mark rounding.

Its months since I've sailed the 300 in light conditions, and I really enjoyed it.  Just enough wind to get fully hiking upwind, enough to plane offwind, and enough to make running interesting.  It reaffirmed my love of the boat.

Next weekend sees the 300 Winter Championships at Aldenham SC.  I've only done one 300 open meeting 18 months ago, so don't go into the racing with any sort of expectation.  The forecast weather is very changeable, with some sites predicting 20-30 knots, and others 5-8.  Either way, I look forward to meeting with my 300 brethren, but am slightly concerned about camping in my van given the nighttime temperatures!


  1. When are you guys thinking of going to Minorca?

    1. Mid May. Never been before, can't wait.

    2. Perhaps we could have a bloggers conference?

  2. LOL. I am thinking of going in September, which is the time of year I have always been. I am sure you will have a terrific time. Best place for a dinghy sailing holiday on the planet especially if you are into RS boats and/or Laser.

  3. I can safely say that Mrs R would not be impressed if I were to propose a second trip this year. The bloggers conference will have to be postponed!

  4. Hmm. I wonder if Mrs T would be impressed if I were to propose a second trip this year in May?