Thursday, 28 March 2013

An unexpected boat name

Some more unexpected fallout from the curry on Monday. Long time ISO crew Vicky had said that she had been pondering a name for my boat for the last two years, and had finally come up with something suitable.  And applied it when I was out the house earlier in the week.

That's right, 'OCD'.  I discovered the new name when I took the cover off the boat to remove dirty wax on the non-non-slip, and replace with some nice new clean wax - the irony of the new boat name was not lost on me!  I don't expect the foredeck decals to last beyond the weekend, but might sneak some slightly smaller lettering on the transom.

The only problem here is that I haven't had a chance to use my favourite boat name (from an SA thread) - 'Shoot Low, They're Riding Chickens'.  Maybe next time.

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